September 2018 - E-News


September 2018 - E-News

Greetings to you in the wonderful and powerful Name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I am sure many of you have been busy with your kids or grandkids returning to school or college. It is a season of change - change of weather, change of leaf color and a season of new beginnings and adjustments. Please pray for Light For All Nations as we also are in the midst of some changes to keep up with the modern trends and the future of broadcasting and ministry. We remain, however, fully committed to our mission and vision to make disciples from all nations, as Jesus commanded His followers before he ascended into heaven.


I recently had a conversation with a prominent community leader - someone who was against Islam and yet that person was raised a Muslim, so they assumed that if they weren't with Islam anymore, they must now be a Christian. I told them that you cannot be a Christian just because you dislike Islam. It is only by receiving Jesus into your heart as your Saviour and by enthroning Him as Lord over your life. With this new light, that person became a follower of Jesus and I baptized them in water.


We are experiencing a breakthrough in the Kurdish areas of Syria and the numbers of believers are on the increase. We have an extensive follow-up and discipling ministry there helping with the growth and teaching to four new churches. They are growing strong and even those who have left Syria for other countries continue to witness the truth and love of Jesus Christ among their communities. The field is overwhelming; the harvest is plentiful and ripe. The opportunities are unprecedented! The doors are open! The climate is favourable!


Dear Lord, as you prayed and want us to pray, we are pleading: "Please send more labourers into the harvest field." With the Middle East being so unpredictable, now is the time of harvest! Thank you my friend for standing with me and the Light For All Nations ministry as we are making inroads and having an impact in these volatile regions. Thank you for your support! Please continue to pray and give!


May the Lord's richest blessings be upon you and your whole family.


You brother in Christ,

Nizar Shaheen

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