August 2018 - Testimonies


August 2018 - Testimonies

Grace and peace to you in the precious Name of our Lord Jesus Christ. My heart is filled with joy! The message is advancing through the Light For All Nations ministry.

In my last newsletter I told you about the baptisms in the Kurdish regions of Syria and the increase in the number of believers and that we helped to establish four churches. The wonderful news is that we have an extensive follow-up network with dedicated people! There are three groups from Damascus that are doing follow-up including a man who travels faithfully each month to teach discipleship courses. Also, the churches of Qamishli and Aleppo send people to these Kurdish regions for follow-up. Every week the number of believers is increasing and a revival is happening.


In the Fall, I am planning to return to Syria to revisit the churches and conduct evangelistic meetings. The ground has been prepared, the seed sown, we are seeing growth and increase and so we are expecting a great spiritual harvest. Pray for our ministry please; pray for the lost to come to Jesus.


A few years ago we produced a series in Arabic called "Yom ila Yom" - meaning "Day to Day" which is 135, ten minute episodes of teaching about the life and teaching of the Apostle Paul. We have started to translate them and I am taping them in English. We have posted several episodes on our English webpage - WWW. LFAN.ORG - Please take a look at them online and share them with others.




- A lady from Egypt contacted us saying she is depressed and suicidal and needs help to know the true way. One of our counsellors reached out to her and quoted the verse in John 10:10: "The thief [satan] does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I [Jesus] have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly." She accepted the Lord Jesus as her Saviour and says, "I have a meaningful life now" and she is joyful and praying for the rest of her family.


- Another lady from southern Morocco was watching our programs. She was particularly attracted by Jesus' Sermon on the Mount. Our follow-up person on the ground in Morocco contacted her. She had lived a hard life, working as a maid, and saddened that her father had divorced her mother and left the family. She gave her heart to the Lord and is growing in faith. She is now a completely changed person and now calls God her Father.


- An Iraqi man who lives in Jordan asked us, "How can I be saved and not return to sin?" When we talked with him, and explained the way of salvation, he was full of emotions and with many tears he prayed to accept the Lord Jesus. He is now sure that Jesus lives in his heart and he has joined a local discipleship group.


- A religious Muslim man from Morocco has been watching our programs. He was seeking and searching for truth for the last three years. Now he claims: "Jesus Christ has changed my life. He gave me a new identity and meaning for my life and a purpose for a existence. No one can separate me from Christ." Praise the Lord!


We keep a prayer list and we take time to pray for the many needs. It is always exciting to read the documented reports of the many answered prayers - prayers for salvation, healing and other miracles. We serve an awesome and mighty God! Please send us your prayer requests. We will be happy to pray for you.



Thanks to the Lord and to you and the many faithful partners for responding to my appeal last month and helping us meet the financial needs. Please do continue to faithfully support Light For All Nations with your giving. We are continuing to pray for more supporters to come onboard. Please speak with others about Light For All Nations and encourage them to also support.


May the Lord bless you abundantly!


In Christ's love and service,

Nizar Shaheen

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