January 2018 - Happy New Year


January 2018 - Happy New Year

I pray you will have a very fruitful and joy-filled New Year!


2017 was the most productive year for Light For All Nations and the Lord crowned the year with His bounty (Psalm 65:11)


Our mission to the refugees and displaced people in Syria was amazing! In 2017, with the generous help of our supporters we raised $100,000.00 - providing clothing, heating fuel, food, school supplies and toys for children. I made three mission trips to Syria, including a trip just before Christmas where we gave gifts to about 1,400 children and made Christmas very special for them. Most importantly we gave them the wonderful true Christmas message of Jesus Christ. Hundreds, including many parents, accepted the Lord and the majority were Muslim.


I had a very joyful ending to the year with an invitation by the officials to return to Raqqa (the former capital of ISIS) to speak at a special ceremony, to erect the cross on top of what will then be the renovated church after ISIS had destroyed it. It will be a sign of victory over darkness and death. I suggested we invite to the celebration all the surrounding Christians who suffered under ISIS control. I will have the privilege to do this in the Spring time - to bring the message of the Cross and Christ's salvation to all the people! 


* We produced a new English program called "Let There Be Light" that I host with my daughter Sarah. We have had much positive responses and several people have joined our support team because of this program. Watch some episodes by clicking this link: View "Let There Be Light"

* We taped many evangelistic services in the Arabic language that are seen throughout the Middle East and North Africa, being used of God to reach many souls.

* We produced in Arabic a top-quality documentary series about Christmas that has been airing this season.

* We produced another series on the Passion Week that will air in April 2018.

* We continue our live-to-air weekly Arabic program, called "Leyakon Noor" ("Let There Be Light") and following up with many new seekers.

* We developed our social media presence online, including You Tube, where millions are watching our programs.


Thank you my friend for helping Light For All Nations to bring the salvation message of Jesus Christ throughout the world! Please pray for us as we go forward following God's vision for the ministry. We need His leading, guidance and blessings.


Before we close the year, please click here to donate. Can I count on you to help us be in a strong position so we can all do more for the Kingdom? Any donation received before midnight on Dec. 31/17 will be issued a 2017 income tax receipt.


In Christ's love and service,


Nizar Shaheen



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