Day to Day (#11) - The Singularity of Christ

Day to Day (#11) - The Singularity of Christ


To better understand the background of Saul of Tarsus, we must get to know Christ Himself better. It is the singularity of Christ that made the Jews intensely jealous. Jesus Christ is unique for many reasons:
• He was born from a virgin.
• He was born without sin.
• The Old Testament prophecies were fulfilled in Him only.
• He is the Perfect Man and God too.
• He is the only one who raised Himself from the dead.


Someone said, "These are great information on Christ, but why do I care about His birth, His holiness, the fact that He is the main focus of the prophecies and that He rose from the dead!"
• The singularity of Christ is not for boasting by a Christian apostle or a prophet... His existence in history plays a great role in everyone's life.
• Does Christ's singularity play a role in your life and your eternal destiny? Please explain.


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